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About Walgreen Company

 Walgreens is America’s second-largest pharmacy store. Charles Rudolph Walgreens established it in 1901 on Bowen and Cottage Grove Avenues in Chicago.

Wal Greens Company

With headquarter located in Deerfield, US, today the company gives employment to more than 5000 workers in its 9277 stores spread across the US. The company deals with various health and wellness products, prescription pharmacy, health information, and photo services.

 In 1901 it began its operations as a food store in Chicago, and within ten years, the number of the store increased to four. In 1920 when alcohol was prohibited in the US, the company gained huge profits by selling legal prescription whiskey.

Walgreens has excellent growth in its field and became the one of the best company America in the pharmaceutical industry . To  get the feedback from its customer the company has started a survey called walgreenslistens survey. Here any customer can provide their feedback based on their recent shopping experience they had.

In the leadership of Charles Walgreen, Sr. company saw a massive expansion, and by 1934 the company was operative in 30 states of the US with 601 stores.

It was Charles Cork Walgreen third that started the modernization process of the company. He introduced bar code scanning and various others latest technologies. Since the inception acquisition, he had played an essential role in the expansion process of the company. It was only in the Walgreen junior regime that the company does not saw any massive expansion plan.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, under the leadership of Jeff Rein, the expansion process started with acquiring happy Harry’s chain in Delaware.

In 2014, the company entered into a partnership with Switzerland-based alliance boots to enter into the European market, where it purchased a 55% share of the company and formed an entity Walgreen boost alliance Inc. Today this alliance has various brands like Big Roll, B Jolly, CYO, and numerous others.

So overall we can  say that company is so much concerned about the products and quality that is why company is continuously focusing on the improvements by  taking the customer opinion and the  feedback .


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